Providing a diverse citizenry with opportunities to engage, dissect, and analyze the conditioning and meaning of race along side the function of racism.


Our Mission

2ruthTalk is grounded in humanitarian and social-equity values. Our mission is to provide a diverse citizenry with opportunities to engage, dissect, and analyze the conditioning about the meaning of race and the place of racism, in society, with the goal of evolved-thought, unity and healing through enlightening exchanges.


About Us

We are committed to organizing groups of individuals and communities to partake in challenging conversations about race and racism, in safe spaces. 2ruthTalk is about bringing awareness to unearthing the ways in which society – individuals, groups, institutions, systems – has been psychologically and behaviorally conditioned by race, and racism.  This platform was designed to encourage participants to explore how race affects their daily lives, belief systems, and learned behaviors. The current political, economic, and social climate in the United States and abroad has proven this the perfect time to effusively examine and address our attitudes surrounding race relations.

Through facilitating small and large group conversations, and activities, with invested and diverse members of society, we hope to bring about healthy shifts in how we perceive and value all of humanity. It is our sincere desire to create spaces where the subjective truths of those with whom we work are honored while, simultaneously, stimulating growth opportunities to expand the capacity to process differing perspectives and worldviews.

We are ultimately about challenging status quo belief systems that are grounded in maintaining the ideology of race using racism, in all its iterations, as the mechanism of governance. We have found that healthy conversations that demystify the creation of race, and acts of racism, are typically avoided, which cultivates a culture of artificial human division; hence, giving power to separatism and supremacy by racist design. 2ruthTalk starts with addressing truths, fallacies, and myths that are held in the psyche at the macro, mezzo, and micro levels. Subjective truths are welcomed and honored and may be challenged towards the goal of true humanity.


Listen & Learn Discussions

2ruthTalk’s signature engagements that are designed to bring people together to informally explore, challenge and discuss topics connected with race and racism in “safe spaces.” To accomplish this, we host our low-cost events to connect with our stakeholders (YOU, the people).  These informal forums are integral to getting initial dialogues started about this unique “American” experience with facilitators who are equipped to guide uncomfortable psycho-social and political conversations. These events are also designed to provide the facilitators with an opportunity to listen to, and learn more deeply about, what the community/stakeholders desire as points of further dialogue with the goal of human-equity.

Tailored Engagements are uniquely constructed in response to the information gathered through the Listen & Learn events. These tailored events tackle the most pressing (and frequently neglected) conversations. Each 2ruthTalk event is focused on activities and discussions that challenge, educate, empower, and promote consciousness and self-healing.

Listen to 2020 conversations about racism, white privilege and white fragility in context with Dr. Thorne, Bonita Woods and Uma Beepat on


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