“2ruthTalk the Origin”

by Daryl H. Thorne, Creator of 2ruthTalk
January 30, 2019

We live in a world where equity does not truly exist. We live in a society that has yet to fully come to terms with its creation of race,nor its persistent acts of embedded racism. Yet, the face of America is one that touts “equality” and “opportunity” as inherent rights and privileges for all who are lucky enough to live in this country. The problem is that the foundation and structure – systems, norms and politics – of this nation were and are designed to maintain a supremacist narrative. This, broadly stated, extends to a way of life that impacts every person without securing her or his explicit permission. That having real and valuable conversations about policies and practices that invariably, and disproportionately effect non-white and impoverished white people proves time and time again to challenge the sensibilities of large communities of less-affected people, thus signaling the continuation of oppression. Having said this, just as in the 1960’s, there is a growing assemblage of people who choose to live in the light. These folks are not in denial about the ways human inequity thrives in our society; they vocalize and demonstrate to help bring additional awareness to the rest of humanity – that is, if we choose to listen.

I created 2ruthTalk as a supportive platform towards sociopolitical equity. This, of course, rests of the foundation that we live in an inherently and purposefully racist country/society as originally (re)designed. The aim of 2ruthTalk, and this blog, is to challenge and make uncomfortable “master-script” narratives that most people in the United States have been inculcated with from the point of birth. For those who made the decision (or it was made for you) to come to the U.S., versions of this master-script were implanted within you as well, without your being conscious of it. My hope is that with each post, you take away thoughtful, or jolting, themes or ideas that lead to making inequity troubling for you – troubling enough to do one small thing towards dismantling it. This could be by thought, word, or deed, and that your words or actions are in the form of positive change for the betterment of society.

“As an Aside…”

Every spring, I teach a college course called Race& Racism. During this class, my students express many emotions ranging from anger to validation. The question, then, becomes, “…after learning all that I have…what do I do now…”? My answer is simply this, “Whatever you do,make it positive!” While I have a certain amount of expertise, I do not profess to know everything as lived-experience within the realm of challenging discourse is much more powerful than simple academic rhetoric (which has its place). I experience this lifetime as an educated, mixed-ancestry Cherokee,cis-gendered female (this simply means that I was born as and identify as a female) that society has racialized as black.I am an LGBTQI+ ally. While I belong to several marginalized groups, I have experiences that place me on the continuum of privilege and oppression. I am a holistic and contextual person just as are many of you. As an educator and healer, what I know for sure is that living in denial of the many iterations of-isms to which we, as a society, are subjected serves no higher purpose that continued oppression of the many by the few. We, as the many, are powerful! This scares the few. I hope that this inaugural blog post provides just enough interest for you to return to 2ruthTalk.

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